• Image of Adopt a Goat Option 2: $90 (Just the soap WITH SHIPPING)

Adopt a goat for 2017! To show our gratitude the goats and I will make you 12 soaps, one for every month in 2017.

For convenience soaps will be available in bundles of three each starting in January, April, July and October. Soap scents will vary. Only essential oils and natural colorants will be used as well as lard from our pigs, goat milk from our goats, organic olive and coconut oil and castor oil. For an example of what the soaps could look like an ingredient lists please see our sales page at : http://emancipationacres.bigcartel.com/

Loot Time Line

January– 3 soaps shipped

April—3 soaps shipped

July—3 soaps shipped

October/ early November—3 soaps shipped

This option does not include the two on farm events, or the bio or letter. If you are interested in these options please pick Option 1. Farm events can't be added at a later date.

If you do not need your soaps shipped, please choose the option 2 without shipping fees.

Please note: This is an adoption in name only. Your adoption entitles you to soap, invitation to the two scheduled farm events (if you pick that option) and all related emails and photos. Adopters do not own or partially own the animals in any way shape or form.